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The Dirty Crow Photos - Town Collage Photography on Prints, Mouse Pads and Mugs. 

I received my first real camera on my Sixteenth birthday.  I have never put it down. Photography is my passion! I worked as a photographer for a couple of years in a studio and realized I wanted to have my own studio.  I opened that studio about 10 years ago. McLellan Studios, which to this day is still open. I do Weddings, Portraits, Special Events, Family Portraits, and my work for these can be found at  For the past 3 years I have also been working with a Landscaper, Babin Landscaping to do all his photography of jobs they do, before and afters for their catalogs and marketing use. In the spring I will be working with Matley Pools to do some marketing pictures for their catalogs as well. 

One of the things I started doing within the past couple of years just for fun is visiting local towns around me to really take a good look at each town.  I started photographing each town and thought I could really do something with these towns to share all the beauty that I see with others. So I created these mugs, mouse pads and prints. I spend a lot of time finding the right shot and making sure the picture is perfect before I put it on my products. Things I photograph in each town are the staples that keep our town running smooth and safe. The Town Hall, The Fire Department, The Police Department, The Library and then I make sure to add in any monuments, Famous Houses, Gazebos or nice centers, sometimes if there are old mill buildings or a street full of well known shops I will take a shot of that.  What ever is unique to that town I try to capture and show all the best qualities of that town. I have now photographed these towns so far: 

Acton         Lexington        Woburn           Wilmington       Tewksbury        Littleton

Groton        Townsend        Pepperell        Shirley          Fitchburg        Lunenburg

Leominster       Tyngsborough                Westford          Chelmsford       Maynard

Stow           Dunstable         Ashby

Our Mugs are 11oz and great quality.  They hold the color wonderful!  They are microwave and dishwasher safe too!  Each mug holds a collage of all the unique qualities of each town. Our Mugs make a great gift for those that have everything!  Our Mugs are $20 each.

Mouse Pads
Our Mouse Pads are very thick and excellent quality.  They are very durable and hold the color well. Each Mouse Pad holds a collage of all the unique qualities of each town. Our Mouse Pads make a great gift for those that have everything!  Our Mouse Pads are $20 each. 

Collage Prints
Our Collage Prints are Double Matted and come in either Color or Black and White.  They are a great addition to your wall and a great way to show off your town with pride.  They also make great gifts for those that have everything else and you want to give them something different! Our Double Matted Prints are $45 each. 

Custom Mugs, Mouse Pads, Collage Prints
I can also do custom products.  If you have pictures you would like put on a Mug or a Mouse Pad or you would like a collage print made with your photos I can do that as well.   Bring me your photos in digital format and I can put them together for you, and you can order as many as you want once it is put together. There is a $10 Custom Charge to set them up and then prices above apply for which ever product you want them in.

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